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    Hailing from California, Spiffy Man is a multi-genre artist with an extensive classical background. Making his debut in 2010 under the banner Sp33fy M@n, he made his first impact on the EDM scene with his 2011 debut album, Headlight; more specifically the single, A Fog Lit Street. Gaining momentum from Pandora’s Music Genome Project, he steadily rose quickly after a name change and a fresh release in 2014 with The Natural World. Spiffy gained further notoriety in 2015 with a release of three singles and his fourth album, Parallels on’s platform Artist Intelligence Agency. His final album, Dimensions, solidified his orchestral sound and earned him his place in the Progressive House scene.

    Born Steven John Alvarez in Riverside, California, whose talents go beyond EDM. He branched out towards composing, producing his first score in the 2015 indy film, The Visitor. He then continued on to score Tukes Films’ 2016 short, Star Wars: Wrath of the Sith, and Shaun Lee White’s 2018 film, Cassette.

    Spiffy Man has received support from artists such as mau5trap’s Speakerhoney, RODG, Monstercat Silk, and more.

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